Summit International Flooring proudly announces another new partnership; this time with China based, Tuntex Carpet. Tuntex is China’s leading carpet manufacturer dedicated to green technology and environmentally friendly production methods.

Having been in the carpet business for over 50 years, Tuntex has risen to global prominence through their environmentally conscious production of high quality carpets for the international market. Starting in 1969, they began as a producer and exporter of carpets. They established themselves as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and produced materials for big carpet brands, such as Mannington, Lees Burlington, and Mohawk. In 1994 they opened what was to be the largest production facility by floor area in all of China. By 2008 they were the first Chinese carpet manufacturer to be awarded the coveted Green Label Plus Certification by US-based Carpet and Rug Institute. Today, they are focused on building their international brand by continuing to create top-line, environmentally friendly carpet tiles in a state-of-the-art facility.


Tuntex is committed to making carpets safer and more durable than ever with new, innovative materials & production techniques, and continuing to explore new methods in green manufacturing. Currently, all tiles contribute to 2 LEED points where necessary. In addition to the Green Label Plus certification, they were also the first Asian carpet manufacturer to receive Green Circle certification. Tuntex’s face yarn and backing are designed with recyclability in mind. Nylon products such as hangers, clothes, backpacks, etc. are just some of the products made from recycled TUNTEX carpets. Also, all tiles are completely free from harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In addition to being green, Tuntex focuses on being clean! All Tuntex Carpet tiles are made with solution dyed nylon yarns (also helps reduce water consumption and waste output- both are green benefits!). This means the color penetrates deep, all the way through the fiber, and should not fade due to sun or bleach. Because they can be cleaned with a mild bleach solution, they are perfect options for restaurant, education and healthcare settings where germs and stains can be an issue. In addition to the yarns, some designs are Micro Shield treated, which has an anti-microbial character that eliminates the growth of microorganisms and has outstanding mildew resistance. This shield is built in between the top of the carpet and the thermoplastic backing. It’s durable and able to protect through multiple shampoo cleanings. Tuntex also has an ecoFRESH solution which is a self-renewing odor reducer that works against spills or soil on the carpet that would create unpleasant odors. Basically, ecoFRESH significantly shortens the time it takes for odors to dissipate (think: smoke, ammonia, urine, hydrogen sulfide, and food), again, making it ideal for restaurants, education, and healthcare, as well as, hospitality.

SIF is excited to partner with Tuntex and exclusively bring them to the US Market! Outside of the mill’s dedication to sustainability and green products, and the plethora of designs (there are over 70 fabulous designs)Tuntex gives SIF the opportunity to enter into a new market- projects that are slightly more budget conscious. Now designers can receive SIF’s high-end, luxury service when using carpet tiles with price, design, and quality that competes with the largest suppliers in the county. See Tuntex for yourself by setting up an introductory appointment. Contact us today!

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