DAVID M. NUSIM, President

CPG Interactive

513 West Mt. Pleasant Ave, Suite 120
Livingston, NJ 07039
P: 973-740-9326 | F: 973-740-9328


David Nusim is the President and Founder of both CPG Interactive and NJRE Direct.

CPG Interactive has a 20+ year track record dedicated to servicing the marketing needs for their over 300 corporate clients, many of whom are commercial and residential real estate firms.  Some of their services include: print media, website design, branding & logo design, SEO, apps and their newly offered drone media service.  Some long-standing and ongoing clients include Brookfield Asset Management, Eastman Companies, Garden Homes, Mountain Development Corp., Murray Construction, Patrinely Group, JG Petrucci, Prism Partners, Rockefeller Group, Rubenstein Partners, Vision Real Estate Partners and all the major real estate brokerage firms. To learn more go to www.cpginteractive.com

In addition, about 8 years ago, David Nusim started NJRE Direct,  which provides email marketing services and maintains a database of over 36,000 commercial real estate professionals in 4 states. They maintain over 100 corporate real estate clients. To learn more go to www.njredirect.com